Surfing tips for children

The mothers must be very worried if the children know surfing, especially what we know to surf there is an age limit. Now for parents do not need to worry, there are some tips that can be used to introduce surfing in children



Teaching children about how to surf is indeed a complicated process. The key is patience. Do not rush to bring your baby into the water and introduce it to the surfboard. If you feel frustrated and scared, take a step back and let him do other fun activities on the beach. Give him a chance to observe the surfers who are engrossed in the waves.

Keep Your Child’s Safety

The right age to bring your little one surfing is between 3-8 years. In addition to being physically stronger, his confidence has also been built so that it is easier to teach him to play surfing. Use a skateboard that fits his size so that it’s not too heavy for him. Also wear bathing suits that cover the body to avoid injury due to coral scratches, do not forget to wear a float to guard against the risk of drowning even though the child is adept at swimming.

Exercise on the Ground

An easy tip for teaching your child is practice on the ground, by drawing a surfboard in the sand with your fingers then asking your little one to lie down, pretend to paddle, and do as many pop-ups as possible. Pop-ups are the most important factor in learning to surf, with both hands on the board do push-ups as fast as possible and then jump to your feet. Remind not to put your knees on the board too long because it will upset the balance and make it fall into the sea water.

Make Kids Comfortable in the Water

A choppy sea can make even the little one who likes to swim feel scared. Accompany the child while practicing to paddle the surfboard and show how to ride some of the waves until his confidence increases and is brave enough. Keep your distance so it is not too far from the child just in case.

Choose the Right Time

The best time to surf is on a sunny day and do it in shallow waters where the temperature is warmer than the deeper waters. Choose small waves for children to practice until they get the right technique and build confidence. Encourage him to keep trying.